Rhythm of the Earth


msb gallery













In this exhibition, 20 paintings were displayed side by side like a picture scroll. The space is also a place where viewpoints move (flow) horizontally, so I created the exhibition with an awareness of its unfolding like a musical score.

Colors such as yellow ocher and blue are applied to hemp paper, and organic shapes are drawn with pigments of white (shell lime), red, cobalt blue, and turquoise blue mixed with hemp fiber on the folded background. Particles of pigments flow and stay on the uneven support to form images, create layers, blur the foreground and background, and create a color space that exists just in each painting.

In Rhythm of the Earth, I imagine that human activity and nature are related to each other through rhythm. They are represented by tones, voices, movements of living things, water flow, waves, and emotions. My works express such a world.

I hope you can feel the melody and breath of the color paintings in this exhibition.














































































































exhibition movie:by Kazushi Suzaki