Makiko Yamaguchi Exhibition

Earth Spirit









                        Earth Spirit -red in blue I- 2021








                         Earth Spirit –gently flowing water I 2022








                        Earth Spirit –rhythm of the surfaceⅡ 2022









                       right:Earth Spirit–rhythm of the surfaceⅠ 2022

































                        Earth Spirit -red in blueⅡ 2021









                        Earth Spirit -turquois I 2022







                        Earth Spirit -turquois II 2022







                       Earth Spirit -madder in blue Ⅱ 2022













































Makiko Yamaguchi Exhibition –Earth Spirit was held at GALERIE PARIS in Yokohama from 2th to 10th on Sep 2022.


I upload a contribution by Koji Oshima (history of thought researcher, economics doctor) in the profile of my website.

"Makiko Yamaguchi‘s Shining colors and Misterious object Recognition.





                                  exhibition movie:by Kazushi Suzaki