DOMANI The Art of Tomorrow Exhibition 2012







             left/Wings No.2, right/Bird Joy1~8








            left/Bird Spinning-Crimson-, Wings No.3, Bird Spinning No.9, Wings No.1,Wings No.2







            Wings No.2 








                    Bird Spinning No.9








            Gallery Talk








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"DOMANI The Art of Tomorrow Exhibition" The Achievements of the Japanese Government overseas Study Program for Artists provided by the Agency for Cultural Affairs at the National Art Center Tokyo from 1.14.sat~2.12.san. Mamoru Abe(sculpture), Sako kojima (painting), Ryo shiotani (0il painting), Mutumi Tsuda (photo), Hisaharu motoda (print), Makiko Yamaguhi (painting), Tsukasa Yokozawa (photo) and Nobuk Watabiki (contemporary art) have exhibited result of study abroad. I trained at the University for the Creative Arts in England from 2007 to 2008. I was able to announce this exhibition in the forth year after study abroad. I think a large exhibition hall of the museum is a special place that will bring out more and show the paintings, and it was able to enjoy my work as well. I became a valuable experience so many staff have been worked hard to open the exhibition.