Six Abstract Painters

The Artist's "Size" and "Scale"








Show window work: Makiko Yamaguchi,《Rhythm of the Earth 27》2023, mineral pigment on hemp paper



Six Abstract Painters: Size and Scale" was held at Galerie Paris (Yokohama) from October 24 (Tuesday) to November 5 (Sunday), 2023. This was the second group exhibition by Studio138 members since "Pictorially Yours," held at Omotesando Gallery in 2021, The exhibition consisted of works by six artists: Yoshio Ogawa, Yoshihiro Kishimoto, Takahide Koike, Kana Sakai, Tamihito Yoshikawa, and Makiko Yamaguchi. The colorful paintings, each using a variety of materials such as oil, acrylic, and mineral pigments, seemed to resonate with the gallery space under the careful curation of the exhibition by Tetsya Oshima.


The exhibition title, "Size" and "Scale," was a theme proposed to delve into the relationship between the physical size of a painting "Size" and the perceived mass "Scale)" of its content, and the exhibits included large size paintings and small works that showcased each artist at his or her best.


Galerie Paris is located in a corner of a building facing Japan Avenue, a Western-style street modeled after the Champs-Elysées in Paris during the Meiji period, and the gallery interior has a classic modern atmosphere, which was utilized to create a varied and harmonious exhibition.






First,as you enter the entrance,you will see Tamihito Yoshikawa’s large work,"Autumn Cool".







Yoshihiro Kishimoto’s 《Heroes,》the largest in this exhibition, and smaller work








Exhibition view 1: From right, works by Yoshihiro Kishimoto, Makiko Yamaguchi, and Takahide Koike








Exhibition view 1: From right, Takahide Koike's large work "Untitled" and Kana Sakai's large work "The Sound of the Sun".                        








Exhibition view 3: From left, Mr. Yoshio Ogawa's "Milk and Honey Flowing" and small works, and small works by all six artists.






All six artists hung small works on the wall, and some commented that their placement reminded them of music.    








Makiko Yamaguchi, large work, 《Rhythm of the Earth 21》 and smaller works, 2023, mineral pigments on hemp paper








       Makiko Yamaguchi, large work, 《Rhythm of the Earth 25》 2023, mineral pigments on hemp paper





































Makiko Yamaguchi, 《Rhythm of the Earth 24》 2023, mineral pigment on hemp paper  








                                   Photo by : Tomoya Kawakami





On Sunday, October 29th, a roundtable discussion (moderated by Tetsuya Oshima) was held with the exhibiting artists. The artists expressed their opinions on their respective works of art with the keywords "size" and "scale," which were followed by a question-and-answer session from the audience. We are grateful to the many people who attended the seminar and spent a deeply moving time with us. I am eagerly looking forward to facing the creation of new works of art with a renewed spirit.











                                             exhibition movie:by Kazushi Suzaki