Ship's boad artwork no.1

Tadanoumi Shugakko in Hiroshima










We made a ship's board artwork on the wall of the passageway from the schoolyard to the courtyard of "Tadanoumi Shugakko"

located in Tadanoumi Futamado, Takehara City, Hiroshima Prefecture. The artwork is a boat-plank artwork on the wall of the

passageway from the schoolyard to the courtyard. The Futamado area is a seaside town on the Seto Inland Sea where the fishing industry used to thrive.


In the past, the town had a culture of using old fishing boats and barge boats for the walls

of houses. Mr. Naoto Shinmoto, a member of the Historical and Folkloric Society of the area, has donated the old wood for

this project.

From December 6 to 9, 2022, The first step was painting on the 3x7.2m wall where the ship's board will be installed.

Harada Yuji Architects, who is planning a design project using local bamboo and nets for the courtyard of the school, and

The students from Harada Yuji Architects & Engineers, Yokohama National University, and Kure National College of  

Technology, who conducted a workshop to create a white wall painted with Seto plaster. The white walls were painted

with colors reminiscent of the sea and water.


Organaizing : Ringrow Co. YUji Harada Architectual Studio


Tadanumi Shugakko :


Yuji Harada Architectual Studio:


note Yuji Harada + Naoto Shinmoto :


















A grand fire festival called "Shinmei-san," a fire festival, is also held every year in the schoolyard of the school where

we gather. I borrowed scaffolding used in preparation for the festival so that I could work smoothly on the high ground.

I was encouraged by the neighbors who came to the school from time to time, saying "What are you doing? 

They encouraged us.


Festival of Shinmei"








       Wall painting complete! 

       By next spring, we will finally install the ship's hull on top of this wall. (Photo by Naoto shinmoto)




The fishing town of Futamado in the Seto Inland Sea, which was also the site of research by my brother,Tetsutaro Ogawa

(folklorist), It is also included in his posthumous book "Crossing Boundaries and Resistance" (Shin Hyo-ron). The old-fashioned

Walking through the alleyways lined, you will reach the sea, a scene typical of the Seto Inland Sea. Rediscover the splendor

of the Seto Inland Sea at Futamado associated with it, and The "Tadanoumi Shugakko" shipsboard art project is underway with

the help of many people. The " Tadanoumi Shugakko" is proceeding with the " Ship's board art production" with the help of

many kind people.


Border Crossing and Resistance


The "Chugoku Shimbun" (Newspaper) reported on the exhibition plan below.                     























       Boat planks still affixed to the wall of a private house at Futamado in Tadanoumi.




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