Setouchi Triennale 2013











                      Wang Wen Chee/the light of shodoshima








                          the light of shodoshima/inside






                              teshima island





                   Hiroshi Sugimoto/Go`o shurine appropriate propoetion  






                              Naoshima island




I visited Naoshima,Teshima and Shodoshima Islands in Augast, where Setouchi Toriennale in summer 2013 had been exhibited

I enjoyed especially Chichu Art Museum, Ree Ufan Museum and Teshima Museum. I was also interested in other art works which were exhibited in old folk houses.

Local people over there are so kind-hearted to everyone that you could get easily to your destination without losting your way when you walk around alley by yourself.

The top of pictures is the large dome made by Wang Wen Chee who is a Taiwanese artist. He made this dome by over five thousand banboos which from Shodoshima Island. From outside, it looks like heaped up into a mound but if you come closer ,

you could feel the force of weaving pliant bamboos which made spirals to form the dome .

While viewing the art works, you would hear faintly the sound of waves washing the shore. That sound is still beating comfortably in my mind to remind me of good memories of trip.