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As a part of activities of seminar "Studio 138", the third "Studio 138" annual booklet has been published continuing from the previous issue in June 2023. Following the second issue, we have published a series of articles translated by Tetsuya Oshima, including Robert Goodenough's "Artists' Session at Studio 35 (1950)" Back in 1950, in the era of flourishing American Abstruct Expressionism, and "Voluntary Collective Activities of Abstract Expressionists Part 3 - Angry young men" (1950), which detail the activities of Abstract Expressionist painters in the 1950s. The activities of American Abstract Expressionist painters are mentioned in detail, and are must-see references for those of us who are contemporary painters interested in abstract painting. Each of the thirteen members has contributed articles describing its own art theory and painting tips in various ways of showcasing its own artistic talent within essay, poetry, and reports on overseas exhibitions and viewings by each of the 13 members of the study group "Studio 138," I myself try to write from an everyday perspective as a creator, and have published the first three issues under the same title "Between Drawing and Painting". (126-page all-color edition)


he protracted Corona disaster is now coming to an end, but Ukraine and the Soviet Union are still under wartime conditions, and it has been a year in which it is difficult to be happy without rejoicing. In its third year, the discussions at the semminer have become more and more fruitful. We are now considering the possibility of having the general public attend the semminer and exchange opinions, as we had planned at the time before Corona disaster . We look forward to your continued interest in our activities.


Please feel free to take a look at the PDF version of Studio 138, Issue 3, which is an even richer volume of content.

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Studio138 : Tetsuya Oshima, Yoshio Ogawa, Mio Kaneda, Yuji Kawana, Yoshihiro Kishimoto, Kana Sakai, Takahide Koike, Takumi kouchi, Moemi Nakakouji, Yasuko Hirano, Keizo Morikawa, Makiko Yamaguchi, Tamihito Yoshikawa



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