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The fourth"Studio 138", annual booklet as a part of activities of seminar has been published in May 2024. Following the third issue, we have published a series of articles Tetsuya Oshima references ,"Voluntary Collective Activities of Abstract Expressionists Part 4 - The Club" (circa 1949-1963), and the second half of "Artists' Discussion at Studio 35 - Day 3" (April 23, 1950), edited by Robert Goodenough, in serialized translation. The activities of American Abstract Expressionist painters are mentioned in detail, and are must-see references for those of us who are contemporary painters interested in abstract painting.

In addition, the book contains theories of painting, art history theories, poems, and images of works by each of the 13 members of the study group "Studio 138," as well as reports on overseas exhibitions and translations.

I did as my essay and the cover design. I have changed the title (theme) from "Between Drawing and Painting" in the first three issues to "Rhythm of the Earth," and have written about my current work while reflecting on the exhibition I presented last year. (116-page all-color edition)


Studio138 the annual booklet of the study group "Studio138" which started its activities in 2021, was able to publish its fourth issue with the participation of all members. Panel discussions at the Kagurazaka study group (Yoshio Ogawa Painting School) seem to have become smoother and more active than at the time of its inception. Last year's study group was joined by museum curator Reiichi Noguchi, painter Ryoichi Kobayashi, and other guests, as well as many participants via Zoom. It was a wonderful opportunity to think about painting anew, and to realize the magnitude of the insights gained through dialogue. This study group will continue for five years before disbanding, so there is still one more year to go. I would like to thank all those who have read "studio138 magazine" and hope that you will continue to read it until the fifth issue.


Please feel free to take a look at the PDF version of Studio 138, booklet 4, which is an even richer volume of content.

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Studio138 : Tetsuya Oshima, Yoshio Ogawa, Mio Kaneda, Yuji Kawana, Yoshihiro Kishimoto, Kana Sakai, Takahide Koike, Takumi kouchi, Moemi Nakakouji, Yasuko Hirano, Keizo Morikawa, Makiko Yamaguchi, Tamihito Yoshikawa



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